With nearly 5 years with the Davis Automotive Group Marketing Department, I have produced graphic and video content for several successful campaigns. I have also played a part in the development of the successful strategies of many initiatives.


U.S. Trade Event

In September 2015, Davis GMC Buick launched a marketing event called the "U.S. Trade Event." The core of the campaign was the opportunity to take your used vehicle in to get appraised by buyers from over the border. This came shortly after the initial drop in the oil price, and subsequent layoffs, and many people were needing to trade down into a more affordable option.

I developed the branding, marketing assets, shot green screen video, and produced motion graphics. We wanted it to be loud, distinct, and unforgettable.

The campaign was a resounding success. The formula continued to be developed, additional marketing assets produced, and was used throughout the Davis Automotive Group for several years thereafter.

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