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Logan Biesterfeldt

Data Analyst

I have always been a natural data analyst, often spending countless hours on visualcapitalist.com. I have utilized Google Analytics, Google Information Studio, and mobile app designer AppSheet. I have HTML, CSS, and some JavaScript knowledge, and I written expressions for motion graphic work in After Effects.

With the Davis Automotive Group, I would develop analytical tools to better manage sales data with marketing analytics. I produced a 4 screen dashboard that was used to track analytics of site visitors and marketing campaign results in real time.


I also was tasked with creating a rewards program that accrued earnings based on a percentage of total spend. Customer service staff would use an AppSheet app to recall the users reward balance, and make deductions when a redemption was made.

With Flat Land Farms, I worked with complex Agronomic data with John Deere Operations Center and Climate Field View. I also developed spreadsheets to bridge the economic picture of the business with the production in the field.

In my current position in an advertising agency, I utilize Google Data Studio to generate dynamic reports of social media campaigns that are presented to clients.

AppSheet - Agriculture

Here are a few examples of my work with AppSheet in the Agriculture sector. It is a very user friendly tool to create dynamic apps for collection and recall of databases.

Irrigation Maps

This app is designed to be used on location while manually surveying geo-locations. The gps position of every entry is recorded for accurate placement. Once the data points are entered, they can be updated to display its current status of fixed assets.

Flags have also been added of where repairs need to be made.

Bin Levels

With dozens of storage buildings, current inventory levels of each commodity in each location is displayed. Different products are colour coded for simple recall in the graph view.


Shipments of commodities are recorded with time stamp of Net Quantity, Company, and price.